JP and the OK Rhythm Boys is a trio (JP Wittman, Gordon Koenig, and Anita Orne) performing with strings & vocals, mostly. Music ranges from many genres & decades (swing, hoedown, cowboy tunes [both domestic & Canadian], jazz standards, waltzes, originals, and more), always focusing on the instruments, the harmonies and the lyrics that will move you to laughter or tears…or both! Expect humor, a serious tune now & again, melancholy, a disdain for mayonnaise and plenty else. An interlude of a relevant story keeps you engaged as they swap instruments & positions on the stage. They entertain with jokes, anecdotes, personality, guitars, fiddle, bass, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, tambourine & musical saw (you didn’t see that comin!)…and boots…

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​Rhythm Boys